COVID-19 Community Risk Monitor

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Our COVID-19 Community Risk Monitor measures the level of risk exposure of Scotland’s 354 local authority wards to the COVID-19 virus. Analysing data concerning connectivity, population structure and health, we rank Scotland’s communities according to the level of threat they face. Use the interactive map and table below

When you select a ward four values will appear. The first two are geographic references to the ward that users of this can ignore. The important values are the name of the ward, followed by the risk score (the decimal number) underneath the name. The risk score highlights the risk exposure of the ward (the higher the score, the more at risk the ward is).

Below the map, you will find a table listing all the council wards ranging from the most at risk to the least at risk.

Note: Blue = Lowest Risk; Red = Highest Risk.

Read the report

Read this report to understand our methodology and gain access to our analysis: