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The Wellbeing Pension

Scotianomics has developed a new pensions policy called the Wellbeing Pension. Pensioners in Scotland and across the UK deserve to live with dignity. The current Basic State and Newly Retired State Pensions do not allow for that. That is why Scotianomics is demanding the State Pension amount be raised to £235 per week so that no pensioner has to live in poverty. Join our campaign for a Wellbeing Pension here.

The Wellbeing Economic Index 2023

The Wellbeing Economic Index measures the extent to which the Wellbeing Economic Approach is being met. The Index covers 33 OECD countries across the five Dimensions of the Wellbeing Economy. Read the full report for 2023 here

Public Attitudes to Wellbeing Economics

Scotianomics has also conducted polling investigations into public support for the adoption of both the Wellbeing Economic approach and the adoption of the Wellbeing Pension scheme. These have shown widespread support for the adoption of such policies across multiple age demographics and party preferences. Read more here.

Local risk monitoring

Our local data measures the challenges and opportunities Scotland faces, whether they originate globally or locally. We offer intelligence resources that provide insight into Scotland’s national position, but also unique regional data to assist in local planning and development.